How to Get Kids to Love Reading

I read an article from Reader’s Digest by Elizabeth Lane. “Ways you can create a love for Reading in kids.” Here are her suggestions:

1 Have a family reading hour every evening where all phones And computers are put away and everyone is reading.  A way of modelling to your kids that there is always time to read for pleasure. 
2 Let your kids read whatever they want.  If they enjoy their reads they become life long readers. 
3. Keep the story time tradition alive. Read aloud to your children as long as possible. 
4. Turn “me time” into “ read time”.  Teach kids to carve a time for quiet and peace while creating a natural space for reading. 
5.  Make up stories together.  Encourage ones imagination and creativity to fly. 
6. Create your own books -literally.  
7. Revisit books your kids loved as babies.  Illustrate the play and fun inherent in Reading. 
8. Don’t take it too seriously that it seems like homework. 
Hope these tips help your kids become lifelong readers. 


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